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Born different but friends and a kind teacher help him through life | Chamil’s Journal

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Pretty sure while scrolling you all must have come across content that unleashes ‘The Best Thing on Internet Today’ kind of ambience. Extremely moved by such here I’m adding something worth your time.

“Happiness is a state of mind. It’s just according to the way you look at things”- Walter Disney

In a world full of people who are constantly worn out from the vicious race, 7 years old Nethsara leads on life wearing a vibrant smile coming from the bottom of his heart, living up to the true meaning of the above quote. Destined to put up with a congenital growth defect must have been a real challenge, but we witnessed how determined he is to cherish every moment to the fullest instead of cursing or hating.

Sometimes the water bottle is too large and heavy for Nethsara to lift, but he need not worry when his friends are around. A classmate is helping him drink water.

The Primary school Welikanda where Nethsara studies are located in a beautiful rural village full of nature’s splendour in North Central Province, Sri Lanka. Away from the rush and hustle, it is indeed a place someone can peacefully spend childhood.

She lets him do all the small tasks alone.

Mrs Dinushi the class teacher-plays the role of a surrogate mother in her understanding of his needs and abilities. She sees huge potential in him and is convinced that he can excel in his studies. With her progressive mindset, she encourages Nethsara to engage in the same activities as the rest of the children of his age. She says that she lets him do all small tasks alone: like bringing the books, and turning pages to make him feel capable about himself and we watch a confident child answering questionnaires eagerly inside the classroom. For sure she has won there because in the video Nethsara cheerfully expresses that he assists his teacher. He claims to like writing letters and drawing pictures nicely despite the difficulty of holding the pencil in his hands. Therefore he is happily continuing his education with flying colours.

It is not just helping a friend; it is more. It is the loving bond they share which bespeaks “we got you!”

The kids blend along well with each other sharing a loving bond and in his own words, his classmates are “the best friends in the world”. Before school starts his friends arrange his desk and chair for him to sit on, during lunch hours they help him to grab the water bottle, and when it is time for outdoor activities his friends lift him and take him to the playground. He swings on the wooden swing tied to a tree, claps while others dance, and play along with the same enthusiasm. They all never hesitate to show affection and it is pretty obvious that Nethsara means a lot to them. The supportive background and Nethsara’s delightful perspective on life remind us none other than to see the silver lining amidst the dark clouds.

“Courage can challenge destiny” Nethsara doing one of his favourite things- drawing.

This is just one episode of a documentary series produced by the Muhunu Tv production team. Muhunu Tv is a streaming platform that facilitates a wide variety of TV Shows, Movies & Documentaries. Apart from the business they also bring forth inspirational storytelling in cyberspace bearing in mind the humble hope of sharing a positive vibe with the community.

Chamil’s Journal I Exploring Life

The visionary behind this effort is Mr Chamil Pathirana, who is a Producer, Film Director and, Screenwriter in the field of creative productions, born on the 18th of October 1982 in Veyangoda, Gampaha District, the second-level administrative division of Sri Lanka. He is the proprietor of the famous ‘Thala Roopa’ production. His passionate contribution and commitment to bringing new technologies and encouraging 3D telecasting, on social media, television and film have been a true work of art. He engages himself as a VFX supervisor and his skills have played a major role in the success of every single production he has assisted. Determined to introduce practical innovations to the industry with regard to making a progressive lift in Sri Lankan standards, Chamil is well recognized in the country for his authentic efforts and job description. His works have obtained 16 different types of awards at Signus and Derana grandstands. All while being reputed as a professional in the creative industry, he also shares his knowledge as an instructor teaching production guidelines to newcomers.

Nethsara doesn’t sulk away. He is active outdoors and happily participates in everything he can.

Following is what he expressed about this novel project of his “Chamil’s Journal I Exploring Life“.

“Since I was a child, I was interested in meeting people from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. I was intrigued by the day-to-day hardships they go through. Their perseverance, resistance and, the determination that I witnessed, helped me get through the difficulties I faced in life. I believe it is my social responsibility to let others see this unbelievable positive perception of life. “Chamil’s Journal I Exploring Life” is my effort in visually documenting their courage and success”

Chamil Pathirana

Further, he specified that the purpose of this series is not to highlight their vulnerability but to make a forum where people can reach those in need as well. He requested the benevolent people to communicate with him.

Chamil Pathirana

Now you can write to Chamil Pathirana if you are willing to help those in need and can get into contact with respected families or people.


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