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How to prevent grey hair get slim by using home remedies (Life Hacks)

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How to prevent from Grey Hair using home remedies

Grey hair is not a disease during old age. Some people during young age. Medical attention is enough treatments for this to get grey hair even needed in such cases. 

There is Ayurveda. Some people get this grey hair on their heads due to the inflammation that comes up from the body. Mostly grey hair and dandruff is the result of catarrh. 

Prerogative should be given to the patient before starting treatment for grey hair. 

Quath Aralu (Terminalia chebula), Senehekola Endarumul (Ricinus communis). be taken Thirassawalu si0OI morning and evening. 

Vehicle Morning – Castor oil evening – Sahinda Lunu (rock salt) You yourself can get this medicated oil prepared.

Mugunuwanna (Altemanthera sessilis) Gotukola (Centella asiatica) Aruda Nil awariya (Indigofera tindoria), Keckirindiya (Eclipta prostrata) add king coconut oil and gingelly oil Application of this oil will help you to prevent from Grey hair and falling hair (dandruff). 

Note : Prevent from applying soap on the head. Body soap can be used if badly needed. Komarika, Nelli, Rasakinda Can use as a medical plaster on the head two hours before bathing.

How to get slim by using home remedies

Obesity! Especially girls,but not only them but also boys would not need to have a fatty body.Simply people like to have a healthy body always. But this could thoroughly depend on your meals. Too much flesh to the body is a burden. Too much nutritious fleshy food will cause over nourishment.Then it becomes a disease. 

Obesity is not a disease to be treated with medicine. It should be brought down by a balanced diet. 

It’s better to take Aralu, Bulu, Nelli and Rasakinda prepared quath could be taken in the morning and in the afternoon. 

A pure glass of water should be taken empty stomach early morning with two or three drops of Bee honey 

Another Remedy: High protein foods like eggs, milk and chocolate should not be taken. Amritadi Rasayanaya” could be taken with Garlic White onions) boiled water.

Another Remedy : 

Garlic (White onions) 300 gms. 

Bee honey one bottle

Preparation:- keep in a clay vessel for three months well covered. At the lapsation of three months it becomes suitable for use. 

Take a teaspoonful of honey with a little bit of onion Morning and in the evening. 

After a minute or so a glass of slight warm water could be taken as a drink.


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