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Dandruff, Home remedies for dandruff

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Dandruff, Home remedies for dandruff. Today very often we see people with this disease. Herewith you get a series of simple remedies. It doesn’t cost so much money for you to get this disease cured.

Home remedies for dandruff

Take a handful of red onions.
A handful of mathe seeds.
Add a sufficient quantity of water.
Boil thoroughly for about half an hour in a clay pot.
Keep it till it gets cooled.
Wash the head well before taking a bath.
Massage the head with this medicinal water for few minutes.
This could be repeated twice a week.

A similar remedy of this type can be done by boiling two or three tender lime fruits with Godapara (Dillenia retusa) to prevent dandruff. Repeat this remedy also as before for some days to gain good results.

Home remedies for dandruff – 2

Get similar quantities of the juice of Veralu leaves (Eleocarpus serratus) and Guava leaves (Psidium guajava) mix together and apply on the head and keep massaging with finger points.

Do this for about half an hour before you bathe.
This will give a complete cure to dandruff nuisance.

Home remedies for dandruff – 3

Take a handful of lime leaves with some sliced lime fruits.
Boil it with a bottle of water.
Wash the head thoroughly half an hour before bathing.
Repeat this twice a week. This will give you a complete curt as mentioned in Sinhala Ayurveda – Sri Lanka.

List of Credit – https://setquick.com/credit/

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