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Gastric, Home remedies for gastric

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Gastric, Home remedies for gastric!

Gastric, Home remedies for gastric! Nowadays most of the people get this disease called Gastritis (Gastric). One reason for this is to keep in contact with work without taking notice of eating food in time. This results to exceed the Gastric juice in the stomach. In turn, it starts to work as a poison. This disease will become chronic if take no notice at the initial stage when burning sensation starts to continue. Sometimes it will cause to get ulceration in bowels. Very often it will make to have puffed up stomach and vomiting as a result.

It is advisable to take food in time when signs of Gastric appears. Some have got use to the habit of taking a cup of plain tea. or lighting a cigarette when they feel hungry. It’s a very bad habit.

At a time like that, it is more advisable to ear one or two biscuits immediately when feeling hungry. It’s a good remedy to take a glass of water empty stomach.

The best remedy for Gastric are curd, milk, and Yogurt.

Another remedy for Gastric:- Beli (Aegle Marmelos). If not dissolve Beli and take with bee honey.

Gastric, Home remedies for gastric!

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